Keystone: The Central Supporting Element of a Whole


Keystone 3D Technical Services Ltd. will help you turn your concept into something real. Whether it's a brand new idea that needs to be created or an existing project that needs to be improved upon, Keystone 3D has the resources that you need.

We provide in house 3D modelling and drafting services.

Should you require a hand held version of your concept, we can also provide that via the means of FDM, Polyjet & SLA Rapid Prototyping Technologies.

Other services we offer include 2D and 3D machining of soft metals, plastics, wood & foam.

We've established relationships with experts in the fields of silicon mould / urethane part production and injection mould technologies to speed up the 'product to market' time line.

We will work with your or our lawyers to give you the piece of mind that your idea stays yours.

We are very passionate about our work and take what we do very seriously.


Let us help you create.!!












Keystone 3D Technical Services Ltd. is no where near a Fortune 500 Company and has yet to be ranked with Profit 100 Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies.



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